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Zone to call their own

While the entertaining potential of a home is often a selling point for homebuyers, how this applies to the younger members of the family can be less obvious.

Whether it be a gaming hub or a space to relax in, the benefits of dedicated entertainment zones can go beyond keeping the kids occupied.

Weststyle Lead Architect Mary Ong said children were often expected to keep toys and books in their bedrooms to avoid mess in other parts of the home.

“One of the main benefits of a designated space for children is to provide a separate space for these toys, books and other belongings and not have to find storage space for them in the central hub of the home,” she said.

“Another positive is to be able to give them the freedom to own a space in the home that isn’t their bedroom, and the ability to stamp their personality on their own living space.”

Weststyle Interior Designer Courtney Doyle suggested including a quiet zone and a play zone for younger children.

“A soft, cushioned reading corner is always a good idea, beanbags and a wall-mounted TV to relax and watch movies and maybe a designed bookcase,” she said.

“Lots of easy-to-access storage for games, play and craft is also ideal, and colour-coding and labelling smaller compartments can make it easier to keep categories separated.

“A kitchenette zone is always useful for older children to entertain friends without interrupting adult spaces in the main living areas. Study space and a comfortable, practical lounge suite are also good inclusions.”

Ms Doyle said where kids areas were located in the home was another important consideration.

“You may want to have a play/game zone for younger children located near to main living spaces, as they require more supervision,” she said.

“Older children and teenagers may like to be away from the main spaces to study in quiet or watch an uninterrupted movie.”

When it came to ensuring the successful use of a space, Ms Doyle suggested getting the kids involved in its design and furnishing.

“For younger children it may be colour-coding and locating their toys and games,” she said.

“Older teenagers may like to have input into furniture arrangements and colour schemes. This will help them to invest in the space and utilise it well.”

Although it is a chance for artistic expression, Ms Doyle said it was wise to make sure there was still some sense of flow with the rest of the home.

“From an architectural and interior design perspective it is still important for these spaces to read as part of the entire home, an extension of the spaces around it,” she said.

“We would recommend maintaining design and style ideas throughout the entire home so the same story is told as you journey throughout.”

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