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Women witness WA wool test

A group unifying women on-farm has gained valuable insight into how wool is tested and sold.

Primaries WA invited the six Women in Farming Enterprises’ Dryandra branch members to Bibra Lake last Wednesday for a firsthand look at WA’s wool sector.

At the Australian Wool Handling facility, the group watched wool sample cores taken from bales before going next door to the Australian Wool Testing Authority.

It was the first time WIFE members Eliza Dowling, Tamara Alexander, Sarah Wiese, Simone Lansdell, Glen Mackie and Christine Martin had all toured the facilities.

WIFE general committee member Simone Landsell, who farms at Popanyinning with her husband Kevin and their three children, said the testing was extensive.

“It was fascinating to know that our own wool has been put through that process,” she said.

“The amount of contaminates removed was very surprising.”

Mrs Landsell and the group, who are mostly woolgrowers, had never witnessed what happened to their wool after it left the farm before last week.

The WIFE branch also viewed last Wednesday’s Western Wool Centre auction, with Mrs Landsell impressed with how quickly lots were sold.

Following the day, the message was the importance in completing the National Wool Declaration.

“Whether you mules or not, and if you use pain relief, it is essential the NWD is filled out correctly,” Mrs Landsell said.

WIFE was established in 2009 and is committed to improving knowledge and management of complex farm business through the sharing of ideas.

The Dryandra branch began in 2017 and is now one of 14 branches across W.

It has 200 members.

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