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Women can walk on the safe side with volunteers ready to help

As a young woman living on the outskirts of Perth, Chloe Hynes became fed up with being scared to walk home at night.

The 21-year-out psychology graduate took matters into her own hands by starting a service for others just like her.

Ms Hynes launched Walk Together about a month ago — a volunteer operation that provides safe company for women walking through Perth.

“I work as a nanny, so I often end up walking through the city late at night,” she said.

“I always call my brother but he is in Melbourne.”

Several Walk Together volunteers are on hand every Friday night in Northbridge and respond to text messages from women.

Ms Hynes said the volunteers always worked in pairs to escort women.

She said she has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community and said she was surprised to hear how many women felt unsafe at night.

“I have had a few experiences with guys calling out or following me and a lot of others have too,” she said.

“It has never gone further but it is not nice – I have spoken to a few where men have grabbed them.”

Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed 50 per cent of women experience sexual harassment in their lifetime, 32 per cent of Australian women felt unsafe waiting for public transport at night and 26 per cent did not walk in their local area at night because they felt unsafe.

Ms Hynes said these figures were alarming and she wanted to play a part in changing them.

For more information, visit the Walk Together Facebook page

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