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With hot stove at a simmer, Rockies need to sign Carlos Santana or another big bat – The Denver Post

We don’t need no stinkin’ power hitter. The Rockies have Ian Desmond.

OK, so National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton was never coming to Colorado. But how about trading for Marcell Ozuna, when knucklehead Derek Jeter was selling off sluggers at garage-sale prices down in Miami? Was Denver ever going to pursue Ozuna, if most fans around don’t care enough to know his name? That’s a deal made in a real baseball town, like St. Louis.

The Rockies went to the winter meetings, baseball’s meat-and-greet market. General manager Jeff Bridich got the T-shirt. And more. He restocked the Colorado bullpen. By signing durable Bryan Shaw from Cleveland and retaining Jake McGee, while keeping the door open for Greg Holland, Bridich has given manager Bud Black buttons to push in the late innings.

Not bad work. But is it greedy to want more?

Give me Carlos Santana. Not the musician. At age 70, he’s supernatural on guitar. But the Rockies need a first baseman. And free agent Carlos Santana of the Cleveland Indians has 20-homer pop in his bat.

While the bullpen is of critical importance to any manager in Colorado, what made Black a serious manager of a year candidate in 2017 was his ability to guide the Rockies to a playoff berth with a batting order that was Charlie Blackmon, Nolan Arenado and seven guys named Smoke and Mirrors.

In the 25th year of the franchise, the Rockies have a chance to grow up and elbow their way past the struggling Broncos as the team in Colorado that’s most serious about winning a championship.

I want a hot stove with heat. It beats sitting out in the cold, yammering about whether the Broncos should tank for a better draft pick, which is a conversation about losers, by losers, for losers.

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