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Wiringa Park Poll Merino rams in a $7600 top-price trifecta

Wiringa Park Poll Merino rams scored a trifecta, reaching a top price of $7600 on three quality lots at the Hobley family’s annual on-property sale in Nyabing.

Increased demand at the September 15 sale that offered a catalogue of 200 rams resulted in a record average price of $2642 for 194 sold, up $278 a head on last year when 171 rams sold for an average price of $2364.

The top-line of 40 rams sold for an average price of $4245.

Wiringa Park stud co-principal Allan Hobley said he was very pleased with how the sale started, with good bidding competition from repeat buyers and a few “new faces”.

“The strong values from the back end of the catalogue showed the depth of our sale rams,” he said.

The sale’s strong start had lot one, Wiringa Park tag number 211561, sired by Morrundie Poll NE73008 and out of an Anglesey ewe, selling to the $7600 equal top-price to Brookton account MN & DF Blechynden.

The 118.5kg ram carried a 22.8 micron and had Australian Sheep Breeding Values of 10.16 YWT and 7.5 PWT, both in the top 10 per cent.

The other two $7600 top-priced rams both sold to Narembeen account PG & RM Hickey.

These rams were also sired by the Moorundie Poll sire NE73008, demonstrating the worth of this sire in the Wiringa Park breeding.

Joe Hickey said the Moorundie sire would represent outcross genetics into his 300 to 400 nucleus flock in which flock rams are produced for the 5500 commercial breeders.

“The Moorundie breeding offers good feet and shoulders and square backends,” he said.

“The wool quality is also very good — it is white and crimpy.”

Mr Hickey said he and his brother Brendan ran a mixed sheep and cropping enterprise.

“With inputs for cropping at extreme highs, sheep are an essential part of our program,” he said.

The Hickeys also secured a ram sired by Wiringa Park tag 160434 for $5400.

“We have used this sire in the past and he was a good doer and his offspring are doing very well,” Mr Hickey said.

The $7400 second top-price ram, Wiringa Park tag 210036 was sired by Wallaloo Park 190226 and sold to Ravensthorpe account BJ & R Norrish & Son.

Cranbrook woolgrower Peter Clime was back at the sale securing five rams off the top-line to a top of $5200 and average price of $4400.

Wayne Pech, of North Stirling Downs in Gnowangerup, bought two rams for $5000 and $4400.

Gnowangerup woolgrower Tim Beeck secured five rams to a top of $4600 and average price of $4020.

Canowie Fields Poll Merino stud principal Jason Griffiths, of Gairdner secured his first Wiringa Park ram — tag 211608, sired by Moorundie Park NE73008.

“This ram will represent outcross genetics in our stud flock,” he said.

“It has great make and shape with good white crimpy wool — he is a good safe sheep.”

Kulin woolgrower Peter Pittard secured four rams to a top of $4000 and average price of $3200.

His selections included the charity ram, Wiringa Park tag 210882 that sold for $3500 with all proceeds donated by the Hobley family to breast cancer research.

“All the rams I purchased were very even, but the charity ram was worth paying a bit extra for a good cause,” he said.

Volume buyer was Mark Sullivan of Bellakin Grazing Co in Katanning who secured 27 rams to a top of $3000 and average price of $1800.

“I was after free-growing fleece and big wool cutters with plain bodies for ease of management,” he said.

Bellakin Grazing runs 5000 breeders with an average 19 to 20 micron.

Nutiren Livestock auctioneer Mark Warren said the sale had strong competition from both repeat and new buyers.

“The rams had great size and carried soft bright wool,” he said.

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