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Will Eric Adams Keep N.Y.C.’s Newest Vaccine Mandate?

“That’s going to take a lot of regulation and a lot of reporting, and it’s just not necessary,” Mr. Durst said.

Randy Peers, the president and chief executive of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, said the mandate would just exacerbate existing labor shortages and make it even more difficult for employers to recover from the pandemic.

“Small businesses across the board can’t find workers and now, with this requirement, around the holiday time no less, we’re going to basically force employers to let people go,” Mr. Peers said.

But at least one employer took the opposite tack and encouraged Mr. Adams to continue the mandate once he takes office.

Scott Rechler, the chief executive of RXR Realty, touted his own company’s successful vaccination mandate as evidence that the technique works.

“The vaccine has proven to be our biggest line of defense that allows us to safely coexist and move forward without the loss of life and livelihood,” he said. “We mandated it for our teams at all of our development sites back in September for that reason. Initially, there were some people that were against it, but they ultimately came around.”

Whatever Mr. Adams’s thoughts on the matter, the timing of Mr. de Blasio’s announcement suggests that the decision will, in the end, be in Mr. Adams’s hands.

“These are decisions, I think, in the last few days of a mayoralty that really, is the responsibility of our incoming mayor,” said Max Rose, the former congressman who represented Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn and on Monday announced a comeback bid.

Katie Glueck contributed reporting.

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