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Widow of aid worker David Haines calls for captured IS jihadis to reveal location of body

The widow of British aid worker David Haines, killed at the hands of Islamic State, has told Sky News she wants the two British Jihadists arrested in Syria to reveal where his body is located.

Speaking to Sky News at her home in Croatia, Dragana Prodanovic Haines said having her husband’s body returned home will provide closure.

“We need him back – David deserves to be buried properly, we deserve to have a place where we can go and take flowers and remember him,” she said.

“That’s the only thing I hope, they kept at least a little bit of humanity, so they can tell us where the bodies are. We need closure.”

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Dragana Prodanovic Haines: ‘We need him back’

In her first interview with an international broadcaster since news of the arrests emerged, Dragana described the moment she heard the final two members of the so-called ‘Beatles’ group of British IS fighters had been caught.

“My first reaction is you want to hurt them, you want to inflict unimaginable pain on them.

“I believe and know that’s a horrible feeling but I’m human and they did something horrible to the person I love, bring them to me and let me hurt them.

“But then as I thought about it I realised that would make me exactly the same as they are and I’m not like that.”

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‘I get contacted by people he helped’

She says despite her initial feelings she wants the men to face a fair trial.

“There is no moral satisfaction. I hope they will go through a fair trial and get the sentence they deserve – a life in prison – and not in a hotel, not in a very nice prison with all the commodities, but solitary.

“I don’t think there can be any justice. What they did was vicious. It’s beyond comprehension how they could do it. Even if they get the harshest sentence I don’t think it could be justice.

“They didn’t just hurt people, they killed, they hurt all of us, families and friends, the amount of pain they caused, there is no remedy for that. No matter what happens there can’t be justice.”

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‘You want to inflict unimaginable pain on them’

David and Dragana’s daughter Athea was four years old when he was beheaded in September 2014.

In March the previous year, he had been kidnapped while working for a French aid agency in Syria.

Many ask just how Dragana deals with the unimaginable task of telling Athea what happened to her father.

“I told her when she was four and a half, only three months after David was killed, that daddy was dead and that he wasn’t coming home. My first explanation was that daddy had an accident.

“When she started asking questions I explained he was an humanitarian worker, helping refugees, some and people caught him and kept him for a while and killed him.

“I just don’t think I have the right to keep things from her or keep her in a bubble. That bubble could burst at any time, anyone could tell her. It’s important to keep her trust now that we are alone.”

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