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Whom Do You Want to Thank?

Navigating a pandemic that has killed a million Americans, millions more around the world, and affected so many more lives, we’ve all faced challenges that have often felt insurmountable. Beyond health, our jobs, family lives, and emotional wellbeing have all taken hit after hit.

To overcome those hurdles, we have turned to family and friends, mentors and teachers, medical professionals and aid workers. Perhaps a nurse or doctor got you through a difficult pandemic pregnancy, a neighbor delivered groceries while you were sick, or a grandparent helped you to work at home and care for your children.

We all have people to thank — people who have changed our lives and the journeys we’ve been on. We want to hear from you: Tell us a story in which someone went out of their way for you. And what do you want to say to them? (Your responses may be used in a series of articles about how we thank those who have helped us. We won’t publish any part of your submission without contacting you first.)

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