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What to Do This Weekend

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Welcome. Here we are, again: holidays in the time of Covid. There are two weeks left in 2021, two weeks in which I hope you’re keeping warm, keeping safe, keeping sane.

The Well desk at The Times has been running an occasional series over the past several months called “How I Hold It Together.” The most recent, from Dani Blum, is particularly helpful. Dani reads first thing every morning; she describes it as “sinking into someone else’s syntax for a few minutes before the workday.” When her anxieties mount, she finds relief in setting a “worry timer,” giving herself five minutes to write down what’s troubling her. I’m trying both of these strategies out today.

Some, no doubt, will spend the weekend before Christmas in a frenzied dash to procure last-minute gifts. Consider the art of “regifting,” which seems 100 percent suited to these holidays. You don’t need to worry about overnight shipping if you’re shopping your closet; there’s no supply chain chaos in your self-storage unit. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a bracelet that arrived in the mail from my friend Charlotte a few weeks after I’d complimented it on her wrist. Regifting and charitable giving offer a way less hectic alternative to late-night internet scrambling for something, anything, to give to the person who has everything.

You could write a letter to your kids, your parents, your best friend and tell them what’s been on your mind lately. It doesn’t have to be sentimental if that’s not your bag. You could send a postcard from your hometown. If “it’s the thought that counts” won’t fly, there’s always Etsy, there’s always Cameo, there are always baked goods.

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