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What Have You Learned About Your Kids This Year?

Has the pandemic helped you discover new things about your kids this year? If so, you aren’t alone.

For better or worse, many families are spending more time together than they ever have before, and getting to know one another better, too. Some children are discovering new hobbies or activities that they wouldn’t have ordinarily considered, much to their parents’ surprise. And remote learning and school closures have created new challenges, revealing the unique learning preferences of each child.

We’d like to hear from parents whose children are still living at home, including those with college kids who spend part of the year on campus. Tell us, in 500 words or fewer, what new things the pandemic has taught you about your children.

What has surprised you the most about your kids this year, good or bad? What truths have emerged during the pandemic that were perhaps hiding in plain sight all along? When you think about what you’ve learned about your children this year, how do these new revelations affect you and your family as a whole?

We plan to publish some of the most revealing and insightful entries that we receive. If we are interested in sharing your story, a reporter will contact you.

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