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What happens if there’s a hung parliament after the Federal election?

With independent candidates such as WA’s Kate Chaney threatening the major parties’ stranglehold on power, the prospect of a hung parliament remains a possibility.

If neither Labor nor a Liberal-National Coalition win enough seats to form government, then party leaders will be tossed into rounds of painstaking negotiations with the crossbench.

To take control of the House of Representatives, a party must win at least 76 of the 151 available seats.

Any less will result in a hung Parliament.

In order to gain power, the reds and blues must then persuade the independents to side with them and vote in favour of their bills.

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They do this by making deals and promises with the crossbenchers — because without their support they can’t pass legislation in the lower house.

The party leaders must also convince the Governor-General that they have the confidence of the house before being sworn in as prime minister.

What will happen if there’s a hung Parliament?

If there is a hung Parliament, the existing government remains in charge until a decision is made.

And if this occurs on May 21, incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison will have three options.

He could resign — if it looks like he won’t have enough support across the floor.

He could remain in his position and see whether the house has confidence in him — although he will then have to resign if he gets a vote of no confidence.

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