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What do you think the Broncos will do in the NFL draft? – The Denver Post

The Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla on Monday answered questions from readers in a live Lunch Special chat. Here are the highlights:

I keep seeing people asking about “who will be there at No. 5 (overall in the NFL draft)?”. If QB is the position in mind, and there is a clear target (presumably an L.A. kid), the focus should be getting up to No. 1, if that’s what it takes. There is no guarantee if you sit and wait to see what falls. What are the odds the Broncos move up? There is at least some smoke around Cleveland and New York that veterans may be the route they prefer, in which case moving down makes sense.

Kiz: The story that will dominate the New Year in Denver sports? That seems obvious. Who’s the quarterback for the Broncos? And what will John Elway do? Sign an NFL veteran? Go young and be patient with a draft choice? The top two quarterbacks on the boards of most draftniks are UCLA’s Josh Rosen and USC’s Sam Darnold. I like both. But don’t love either. Rosen makes all the throws and spins the ball beautifully, but he has had injury issues and I can’t speak to his alleged arrogance without speaking to him. I like the way Darnold can make a big gain out of trouble and actually like the fact he and his team struggled early in the season, but he didn’t let it fluster him. My bottom line: I was in love with Carson Wentz in 2016 and Deshaun Watson in 2017. I would have traded up to get either of them. Can’t say I’m nearly as enthralled with either Rosen or Darnold. But that’s just my  2 cents. The only vote that counts belongs to Mr. Elway.

What’s the urgency of settling the QB situation for the Broncos of Denver?

Kiz: Extreme. Here in Denver, most folks can wait until next year to worry about global warming. But Broncomaniacs want the QB situation solved yesterday.

It feels like the 5th pick is “no-man’s land” for QB’s….too early for Baker Mayfield or even Josh Allen…who I want to stay away from. What do you think the Broncos will do (assuming they DON’T get Kirk Cousins of course)?

Kiz: My draft theory in the first round is: Pick the most likely Pro Bowler on the board, regardless of position or your team’s needs. At No. 5, it’s hard to imagine that Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield or Wyoming’s Josh Allen will be the most likely Pro Bowler on the board, no matter how much you or John Elway likes them as quarterback prospects. Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson is going to the Pro Bowl multiple times. But take a guard at No. 5? I would. Although it’s a long way until the NFL draft, keep this in mind: Right here, right now, I think there’s a reasonable chance either Rosen or Darnold will slip to No. 5, provided a team behind Denver in the draft order doesn’t make a trade into the top 4.

Do you see the Broncos moving on from both Aqib Talib and C.J. Anderson? Or will that be predicated on the QB situation in terms of the money left? I know Demaryius Thomas is also potentially in the conversation.

Kiz: Unless the Broncos truly believe they will be legit Super Bowl contenders in 2018, moving on from Aqib Talib seems to make financial and football sense. I’ve got a soft spot for C.J. Anderson, whose competitiveness was something too rare last season in the Denver locker room. But I would advocate drafting a running back to be the No. 1 ball carrier, and do the Broncos really want to pay Anderson as a back-up? Demaryius Thomas is a target for Elway to offer a restructured contract. But seems hard to fathom at this point that Denver would give up on DT at a time John Elway is selling a veteran QB on the idea of playing for the Broncos.

I see a lot of names in the QB scenarios except the one I believe is the best fit. Tyrod Taylor. If the Broncos build their scheme around his skill set, he will be a dramatic improvement. Good arm, always a threat to run, and does not turn over the ball. Thoughts?

Kiz: Gary Kubiak has long liked Buffalo QB Tyrod Taylor, and Kubiak will have more say in personnel decisions moving forward. So that makes you go … Hmm. I would suspect Taylor is on the list of potential Denver quarterbacks. Doubt he’s at the top of the list. But the whole veteran QB situation is so fluid throughout the NFL that John Elway and front office have to be open to anything — or almost anybody that has had success in the league — at this point.

With the head coach we currently have, will it matter who we have at quarterback?

Kiz: As everyone with the sound of my loud, nagging voice has heard, I soured on Vance Joseph as coach of the Broncos after initially having high hopes for him. Make a rookie QB the starter and it’s likely Denver finishes with a losing record in 2018. How would Joseph keep his job after back-to-back losing seasons? Beats me.

Do you believe this team with Cousins or Alex Smith can get to the playoffs next year? Assuming it’s a similar core…with another addition or two to the o-line.

Kiz: Can Denver make the playoffs in 2018? Sure. Here’s how. Find an above average NFL QB (either Cousins or Smith would fit the bill). With the No. 5 pick, take an offensive lineman or a running back with Pro Bowl talent. Add some beef to the linebacking corps. Will those three things be easy to get done in a single offseason? Nope. But it’s possible.

How did the Chiefs make the playoffs in 2017 and were able to trade up higher than the Broncos to draft Patrick Mahomes?

Kiz: How did Chiefs make the playoffs? Well, in 2017, they had a QB rated in the top 10, the NFL’s leading rusher and a Pro Bowl quality tight end. The Broncos were zero-for-three in those same crucial categories. And Kansas City made a gutsy move trading up for Patrick Mahomes. Not ashamed to admit I thought the Chiefs made a mistake, because what I saw from Mahomes in college was too much mindless gunslinger. I’m not ready to project Mahomes as the next great NFL QB, but can certainly admit that his potential made the draft gamble worthwhile for the Chiefs.

Are the Broncos/Elway blacklisting Colin Kaepernick too? He seems like a better option than all of them: size, arm strength, mobility, experience, etc. how long can this go on? It seems that other players who committed far more egregious acts are given a second chance.

Kiz: Smarter NFL men than me have flat-out stated that Colin Kaepernick has been blacklisted by the league. But fans seem to agree or disagree with that statement based more on their personal political beliefs than the facts of the situation. There seems to be little doubt John Elway is more closely aligned politically to Donald Trump than Kaepernick, but my guess is Kaepernick’s refusal to take a paycut with the Broncos long before he sat for the national anthem is the primary reason why Elway moved on and didn’t look back.

I am stunned Kubiak a twice failed head coach and a never starter in the NFL is so high up in Elways decision process! Kubiak buried Manning with his awful offensive scheme. Why is he in the mix?

Kiz: Gary Kubiak won Super Bowl 50 as a coach. What’s more, the work he did during the 2015 NFL season, when Peyton Manning was hurt and living on reputation, might be the best coaching job I’ve witnessed during my 35 years in Denver. We like to keep this chat light and bright. I also like to keep it real. No offense, but calling Kubiak a twice-failed head coach is mean-spirited, ill-informed … and probably both.

Of the four QBs currently on the roster, who will be here to start training camp?

Kiz: The NFL is a business. The money says Paxton Lynch will be a training camp. Anyone else is anybody’s guess? I hear from fans all the time that tell me Chad Kelly is the answer. I’m not certain if these are the same fans that told me Kyle Sloter was the next Bret Favre. Kelly going from last pick in the 2017 draft to Broncos starter would be a great story. But, at this point, it would also be a Cinderella story..

How was Paxton Lynch ever considered worthy of a first-round pick? He can’t run anything but a basic offense, cannot read defences at all, and appears to be made of glass. The crying thing I’m not fussed about, but I bet his teammates were looking at him shaking their heads. He reminds me of Tebow but at least Tebow won us a playoff game. This guy is a plain bust.

Kiz: In 2015, the mighty SEC suffered an upset, when Paxton Lynch threw for 384 yards and three touchdowns to beat Chad Kelly and Mississippi 37-24. And now I’m told Kelly is the greatest thing since sliced bread while Lynch never had a clue as a QB. Lynch did not react well to adversity at the pro level. So while I have no problem with a man showing emotion, his crying on the sideline during the loss to Oakland was evidence of how the pain and pressure of playing QB in the NFL did get to him. Tim Tebow was an amazing leader. Tim Tebow was not an NFL quarterback. Don’t take my word on it. Bill Belichick told you that when he cut Tebow.

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