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WA coastline to make Disney debut with ‘Shipwrecked’ episode one streaming October 5

The deep-sea mysteries of WA’s Dampier Archipelago will be explored in a Disney documentary series which sees a fearless ocean adventure team dive to its depths in spectacular and remote places, bringing to life epic shipwreck stories.

Streaming on Disney Plus from October 5, episode one of Shipwrecked follows Johnny, Ryan, Andrew, Nush and Captain Ash — aka the ‘Terra Australis’ team, a bunch of local adventurers, cinematographers and marine history buffs — as they journey up north to the stunningly beautiful Dampier Archipelago to investigate a previously-unknown shipwreck.

This gorgeously-shot Disney original series is home-grown, and each episode sees the team visit a different wreck off the coast of WA to uncover its identity — it’s magic to take the trip with them.

“There’s something so special about diving an unknown shipwreck. You know that probably the last people who saw this ship were the people who went down on it,” says Johnny in ep one.

This is a fabulous concept and kids in particular will get a kick out of following the team as they go adventuring out in our deep, blue sea.

Filming took place off WA’s coastline, the resting place of an estimated 1600 shipwrecks, including the Broome, Dampier and Ningaloo coast.

The crew is joined by expert maritime archaeologists from the Western Australian Museum Ross Anderson and Deb Shefi to help unearth the mysteries that lie within the depths.

It is the first Australian documentary series commissioned by Disney Plus, and is a co-production between VAM Media and Terra Australis Productions in association with Barking Mad Productions for Disney Plus.

VAM Media director Brendan Hutchens said it was a truly unique series.

“We wanted to create a documentary series that would be full of adventure, showcasing the incredible landscapes and ocean environments of Western Australia through the eyes and experiences of a very special group of salty characters,” he said.

“All of them are passionate about shipwrecks and the search for hidden secrets and lost stories.“

Mr Sutton said the ocean was a wild and unpredictable place, with many secrets hidden beneath the waves.

“Stories that keep me from sleeping at night and feed my passion.

“Looking for shipwrecks is the ultimate buzz for me,” he said.

“Firstly you have to use all your knowledge, research and skills to try to find them, and then try and dive them.

Executive producer Steve Bibb said when he first met the team he could see their passion for deep-sea mystery. “I just knew the world had to see them in action,” he said.

Shipwreck Hunters Australia will premiere on Disney Plus on October 5.

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