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Vaping products seized in Canberra raids

Two out of three vaping products seized from three Canberra businesses had dangerous and prohibited ingredients inside.

A joint operation between ACT Health and the Therapeutic Goods Administration removed a large number of vaping products from the businesses in October and found that two-thirds of the products were not labelled as containing nicotine.

Since October 1, nicotine vaping products supplied in Australia have required a doctors’ prescription and must also meet specific labelling, packaging and ingredient requirements.

None of the products seized met those requirements.

Two out of three products seized also included ingredients prohibited by law – including the flavouring agent diacetyl, which can cause irreversible lung damage when inhaled.

Nicotine vaping products, often used to help quit smoking cigarettes, are classed as prescription-only medicine – meaning it’s illegal for any business other than a pharmacy to sell them.

The measure is in place to prevent young people taking up smoking via e-cigarettes.

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