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Vanquished Kyrgios parties the night away

Nick Kyrgios has spent the night partying with his team and drowning his sorrows following his shattering Wimbledon final loss to Novak Djokovic.

Kyrgios hit the Dolce nightclub in ritzy High St, Kensington, with girlfriend Costeen, his sister Halimah and the rest of his entourage following Sunday’s sapping four-set defeat in his maiden grand slam final.

The polarising Australian rocked up sporting the same red cap he infamously wore while flouting the All England Club’s strict all-white dress code during his Wimbledon post-match press conferences.

Halimah flaunted expensive bottles of vodka and tequila on Instagram.

As much as he admitted it “sucks”, Kyrgios accepted his Wimbledon final loss with dignity, saying he gave it everything he had.

While shattered at an opportunity lost, Kyrgios hoped he could depart his beloved grass-court grand slam with head held high.

“I feel like I’ve committed a fair bit these two weeks,” said the oft-maligned, unfulfilled talent.

“What more can I do, to be honest? I’ve stayed in most of the time. I’ve tried to just get good sleep, eat well. Not even have a beer here or there.

“I’ve really tried to commit. My practices I’ve really tried to focus, tried to work on things.

“Like, I’ve committed. I’ve committed everything I can commit these two weeks and I just came up short. I was taught that’s all right, even though it sucks. Of course it sucks.”

Kyrgios barely slept a wink before the final and expected another restless night after losing the biggest match of his life.

“I’m playing points back in my head from that match that I wish I could have back, but it is what it is,” he said.

Cruelly still No.40 in the world despite his brilliant run, Kyrgios – knowing he’s much better than that – says the challenge ahead to win slams is sustaining focus and motivation.

“I know I’ve been able to beat these players before. There were other things I couldn’t figure out along the way,” he said.

“It takes a hell of an athlete mentally and physically to win one of these things. I think eight people have won this title since I’ve been born.

“It shows physically one thing, obviously it shows. Mentally it’s another beast.

“To come back here for two weeks in a row, no one understands it. It’s just different.

“Like the social media, the things you have to deal with. For me, it hasn’t been easy the last three or four days to block everything out on socials, just everything, and try and just find the balance.

“It’s so easy to access all that stuff. I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort of trying to focus on the task on hand.”

The Gen-Z talent believes older greats are out of touch with what the current crop have to deal with.

“The older guys, they don’t understand how much negativity and opinions get thrown your way. It’s hard. It’s really hard to deal with all that,” Kyrgios said.

“I commend Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal. These guys, what they deal with must be insane.

“And that, for me, shows the sign of a champion. That’s what they deal with, as well, and then being able to perform.

“It’s incredible.”

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