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US snake hunter saves alligator from the clutches of a 10-foot python

You would think alligators were high up enough on the food chain not to have to worry about many other predators, but video out of the US tells a different story.

Footage of Mike “Python Cowboy” Kimmel is going viral after he rescued an alligator that was being squeezed to death by a massive 10-foot python in Florida.

The videos shows Kimmel picking up both animals together before unravelling the snake and allowing the gator to run free with a “there you go buddy” as though it was a puppy and not a deadly reptile.

Kimmel then successfully gets the slithery beast into a bag with the help of a volunteer, who according to CBS News, was trying to get over his fear of snakes.

The now-viral video was posted to the snake catcher’s personal Facebook page on Saturday and has since been shared more than 600 times.

“It’s pretty clear. The alligator is native. It’s a part of the Everglades, so I’m there to protect it and the python I’m there to capture and euthanise,” Kimmel told US news sources.

The “Python Cowboy” is employed by the state to destroy pythons in the area after a program was launched to curb the species’ growing numbers.

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