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US marine pleads guilty to Queensland assaults

A 60-year-old woman felt like a rag doll as she was hit with a barrage of punches to the head by a US marine and thought she was going to die, a Brisbane court has heard.

Lance Corporal Taylor Wyatt Elwood, 20, has pleaded guilty to assault after dragging the woman from her car at the Enoggera barracks car park in July.

He also assaulted an off-duty Australian Federal Police officer who came to her aid.

Elwood is being sentenced in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday.

He will be dishonourably discharged and possibly court-martialed by the marines after completing his punishment in Australia.

Elwood was drunk when he donned a motorcycle helmet and all black clothing before suddenly attacking the woman, a barracks staffer, unprovoked about 3.30pm on July 3.

As he punched her head and stomach, she screamed for help as loudly as she could.

She was also thrown against a guard rail.

“(He seemed) obsessed with her head and kept banging it and punching it over and over,” police prosecutor Glenn Whittle said.

Elwood responded, “just be quiet” in a tone his victim described as having “no emotion” and in a “normal voice”, the court heard.

The woman felt she had no control of her body but “willed herself not to black out”, according to the prosecution.

She described the attack as a “well rehearsed move or a dance” and was hospitalised with bruises.

“She felt like a rag doll being thrown around. She believed she was going to die,” Sargent Whittle said.

When two men stopped after seeing Elwood standing over her, he grabbed, punched and bit one of them – who was an AFP officer.

Elwood’s defence solicitor Dave Garratt said he had a high sensitivity to alcohol.

The promising high school American football player, who chose the marines over a college scholarship, had seen his career go “up in flames” over the incident, Mr Garratt said.

With Elwood’s unit completing an exchange at a Darwin barracks, he had been under house arrest, the court heard.

The sentencing continues.

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