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US forces ramp up in Europe to boost NATO

The United States will ramp up its forces and equipment across Europe to respond to threats coming from Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday during a NATO summit in Madrid.

Below are details of the changes in US forces and weapons in Poland, Romania, the Baltic states and other bases across Europe as outlined by Washington in an accompanying fact-sheet.


The United States will permanently station the V Corps Headquarters Forward Command, an Army garrison headquarters, and a field support battalion in Poland, making these the first permanent US forces on NATO’s eastern flank. It aims to improve its command and control capabilities, interoperability with NATO, and management of equipment.


Washington will position a rotational Brigade Combat Team in Romania. It will maintain the ability to deploy subordinate elements across the eastern flank and will complement the other Brigade Combat Teams stationed and operating in Europe.


The United States will enhance its rotational deployments – which include armoured, aviation, air defence, and special operations forces – to reinforce security there, enhance interoperability, and demonstrate the flexibility and combat readiness of US forces.

SPAIN: Washington is working with the Spanish government to raise the number of destroyers based in southern Spain to six from four.

BRITAIN: Washington will send two additional F-35 squadrons to Britain.

GERMANY: The US will forward station an air defence artillery brigade headquarters, a short-range air defence battalion, a combat sustainment support battalion headquarters, and an engineer brigade headquarters – approximately 625 military personnel in total. It adds to a recent forces buildup announced in April 2021.

ITALY: Washington will forward station a short-range air defence battery – totalling approximately 65 personnel. This battery is a subordinate unit of the short-range air defence battalion to be stationed in Germany.


In the fiscal year 2022, the Department of Defence continues to execute $US3.8 billion in European Deterrence Initiative funding, with another $US4.2 billion requested for next year.

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