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UK PM says no deal ‘a strong chance’

There is a strong possibility that Britain does not reach a trade deal with the European Union, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says, but has pledged to go to Paris, Brussels or Berlin or wherever necessary to try to get one.

“I do think that we need to be very, very clear there’s now a strong possibility, strong possibility, that we will have a solution that’s much more like an Australian relationship with the EU than a Canadian relationship with the EU,” Johnson said.

“It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.”

Negotiations with the European Union are in their final days, with large gaps remaining on core issues and both sides committed to making a decision on Sunday about whether talks should continue.

Speaking to reporters, Johnson said Britain still wanted to try to find a deal, but might end up exiting its transition arrangements on December 31 without a comprehensive trade deal – an exit he has described as an “Australian style deal”.

“What I’ve said to our negotiators is that we’ve got to keep going, and we’ll go the extra mile… and I will go to Brussels, I will go to Paris or go to Berlin or wherever to try to get this home and get to a deal,” he said.

“But there’s always the possibility, the prospect, of coming out on Australian terms.”

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