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Trump will tell globalists at Davos that his nationalist agenda is working – The Denver Post

President Donald Trump, who warned as a candidate about “the false song of globalism,” is marching straight into the maw of the global beast this week – and he is singing his own tune.

Trump is attending the global economic conclave in Davos, Switzerland, not because he has come around to the views broadly shared by the sort of international financial elite, government figures and academics who gather annually in a Swiss ski town.

He is going because he wants to say, “I told you so.”

After a year in office, “America first,” the nativist cry that helped propel Trump to the presidency, is the backbone of a Trump economic and foreign policy Trump is expected to argue has benefited the United States exactly the way he said it would.

As he does at home, Trump will crow about a soaring stock market, low unemployment, the return of some jobs from overseas and the passage of his tax cut package.

Among the plutocrats at the World Economic Forum, Trump will also try to turn on the salesman’s charm.

“President Trump will reiterate that a prosperous America benefits the world. When the United States grows, so does the world,” White House economic adviser Gary Cohn told reporters ahead of the trip.

“The president is going to Davos to speak to world leaders about investing in the United States, moving businesses to the United States, hiring American workers, changing the direction of our economy to be one of the biggest and best and most efficient economies in the world.”

Trump – a self-proclaimed billionaire who has few qualms about hobnobbing with the wealthy – is the first U.S. president to attend since Bill Clinton swept through in 2000, his last year in office. George W. Bush and Barack Obama both sent delegations but skipped to avoid publicly rubbing shoulders with the richest of the rich.

Trump is hosting a dinner at Davos on Thursday for the heads of several European companies to encourage investment and expansion in the United States. He is also being feted at a reception with other world leaders attending the four-day session.

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