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Tree changes on the cards

The COVID-19 pandemic and government stimulus packages have increased the variety of people opting for a tree change, with Western Australians from all demographics giving thought to a move to the countryside.

WA Country Builders and Rural Building Company Southwest WA Regional Manager Carrie Anderson said the residential construction sector had not been as bleak as initially expected on the back of the pandemic, and available state and federal grant money would make country homebuilding more accessible to a wider range of people.

“Prior to the stimulus release it was more middle class, but of late all facets of demographics are moving forward with the change,” she said.

“With the recent release of both federal and state grants for the building stimulus, it has caused an influx of those not being able to afford a home of their own unexpectedly being in the market.

“Many of those that have owned land for some time have reflected on their priorities in life and decided to make the change to the country for a ‘lifestyle’ earlier than expected.

“There are people from all areas of life deciding to take the leap and invest in the change.”

Ms Anderson said regional homebuilding became even more appealing due to less risk and exposure to COVID-19, complementing the regular appeal of openness, beautiful scenery and a slower-paced lifestyle.

She said regional homes were often larger with open-plan spaces, and there was scope for more diverse houses than in the city.

“The majority move for the slower-paced lifestyle that the country offers, however the beauty of the forest, the wineries and the beach at their doorstep is also a big driving factor,” Ms Anderson said.

“Now is the best time to make the change. With the building stimulus released, it’s an opportunity that may only happen once in a lifetime for many.

“For those who currently own their land, making the change as early as possible in their lives will give them more time to enjoy the beauty the country has to offer.”

Ms Anderson said land was more affordable in the countryside, and many urban blocks within coastal country towns were within walking distance to popular and secluded beaches at prices much more affordable than coastal homes in Perth.

CONTACT WA Country Builders, 1800 227 161, www.wacountrybuilders.com.au

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