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Top Brit in Australia’s tribute to Queen

Britain’s most senior representative in Australia has described the Queen as a remarkable woman and public servant.

Vicki Treadell said the late British monarch took a genuine interest in Australia and set an example for all who worked in her honour.

“If you just think of the prime ministers of her respective governments, she has kept their counsel and their confidences,” Ms Treadell told AAP.

“She has never once briefed out, leaked anything, because that’s her integrity.

“As a public servant in the work that we do and following her example of duty and public service, integrity, respect, confidence, she has been a constant in all our lives.”

Ms Treadell met with the Queen on five occasions, the first being in 1989 when she was a young diplomat in Malaysia overseeing an official visit for the Commonwealth heads of government.

The British high commissioner said her staff were deeply moved.

“I was very upset when confirmation came through,” she said.

“A couple of members of my team, when I saw them, I hugged them, because they were close to tears.”

Ms Treadell said the Queen “transcended history” after overseeing the second Elizabethan era.

“She’s seen major events unfold from the worst to the very best, from moments of huge celebration to moments of deep sadness,” the diplomat said.

“There is no one like her.”

The high commissioner also spoke of the respect and admiration afforded to the Queen by the Australian public.

“The way (Australians) speak about her, is one of a woman held in high regard with huge respect,” she said.

“This was a country that was dear to her, she followed every aspect of it with ordinary people right through to those in leadership roles.”

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