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Tigers Oval ready to host junior grand finals

The Lower South West Junior Football Association season will end on Saturday with the grand finals being played at Tigers Oval.

Brody Taylor, of Imperials, storms down the field.
Camera IconBrody Taylor, of Imperials, storms down the field. Credit: Tari Jeffers/Manjimup-Bridgetown Times, Tari Jeffers

The Year 4-5s will have their final games at 11.20am, with Imperials playing Deanmill and Tigers up against Bridgetown.

Lynus Butler, of Bridgetown, takes possession just in the nick of time.
Camera IconLynus Butler, of Bridgetown, takes possession just in the nick of time. Credit: Tari Jeffers/Manjimup-Bridgetown Times

Imperials and Deanmill will battle for the third and fourth positions in the Year 6-7 division at 8.30am, while the grand final between Tigers and Bridgetown will be held at 12.25pm.

Bridgetown player Sascha Kessner boots the ball.
Camera IconBridgetown player Sascha Kessner boots the ball. Credit: Manjimup-Bridgetown Times

In the Year 8-9 division, Bridgetown and Imperials will play for third and fourth at 9.50am, with Tigers and Deanmill in the grand final at 1.55pm.

Round 8

Year 4-5

Deanmill v Tigers.

Best: Deanmill: W. Roberts, J. Craigie, Z. Wren, R. McGinty, S. Renzullo, L. Buegge. Tigers: C. Watson, P. Beggs, D. Lapinski, J. Crosby, C. Marshall.

Bridgetown v Imperials.

Best: Bridgetown: C. O’Neill, H. Ralston, E. Vuckovic, C. Ternent. Imperials: J. Daniels, J. Edwards, L. Ward, B. Flanagan, H. Flanagan.

Year 6-7

Tigers 6.5 (41) d Deanmill 3.2 (20).

Goals: Tigers: L. Hallett 3, P. Beggs, C. Goerling, C. Beggs. Deanmill: C. Brown, K. Belton, W. Beck.

Best: Tigers: L. Hallett, C. Goerling, A. Rimbas, B. Robertson , B. Toigo. Deanmill: H. Cybula, H. Wilson, K. Brown, C. Rayson, R. Hetherington.

Bridgetown 2.3 (15) d Imperials 1.2 (8).

Goals: Bridgetown: E. Henderson-Mott, S. Halsey. Imperials: L. Adams.

Best: Bridgetown: E. Henderson-Mott, S. Halsey, R. Asplin, S. Beswick. Imperials: H. Pianta, C. Braovich, D. Orr, C. Leonard, C. Perry.

Year 8-9

Tigers 12.12 (84) d Deanmill 5.2 (32).

Goals: Tigers: C. Cole 5, M. Hallett 4, B. Whatman 2, B. Murphy. Deanmill: J. Bailye 2, K. Belton, E. Dimitriou, B. Rawson.

Best: Tigers: C. Cole, B. Whatman, J. Pinelli, T. Barnsby, F. Milentis. Deanmill: E. Dimitriou, J. Good, C. Blechynden, K. McGinty, T. Fenning, B. Reeve.

Bridgetown 8.5 (53) d Imperials 6.9 (45).

Goals: Bridgetown: J. Duncan 3, S. Kessner 2, R. Carter, K. Curran-Jones, S. Waters. Imperials: B. Edwards 3, H. Narkle 2, N. Orr.

Best: Bridgetown: J. Duncan, S. Kessner, K. Buttel, K. Curran-Jones. Imperials: H. Narkle, B. Taylor, N. Orr.

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