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Tiger Woods’ ex Jamie Jungers rescued from sex den

A reality TV star named Dog the Bounty Hunter has dramatically rescued Tiger Woods’ ex-lover from an alleged Las Vegas sex and drugs den.

Shocking video shows the moment former stripper Jamie Jungers, 35, emerges from the vice den where she traded sex for heroin.

According to The Sun, Dog, whose real name is Duane Lee Chapman, slapped Jungers in handcuffs and hands her over to Vegas police.

media_cameraTiger Woods’ ex Jamie Jungers was trading sex for drugs when reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman found her weeks from death in a Las Vegas sex den. Picture: Supplied

Chapman told RadarOnline: “She was 88 pounds (40 kilos) when we got her and the handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists because they were so skinny.

“She was going to die in the next few weeks.”

Chapman added: “These guys were holding her in a house where she was giving sexual favours for drugs.

“She told me she was trading drugs for sex with guys at four or five houses.”

According to the official Dog the Bounty Hunter news website, on their latest criminal hunt, the US TV star and his wife, Beth Chapman, found the “troubled Jungers nearly unconscious inside the drug house.

media_cameraLas Vegas model Jamie Jungers. Picture: Zoo Weekly
media_cameraJamie Jungers in a 2011 mug shot. Picture: Supplied

“Though they expected to simply bring the former jailbird in after her many run-ins with the law, what they found was something much more devastating.”

Chapman tracked down Woods’ ex-mistress following a seven-day search, after she skipped bail in Kansas.

Jungers, who claims to be one of a raft of women to have affairs with golfing legend Tiger Woods behind his wife’s back in 2009, was being sought for failing to attend court appearances in relation to allegedly stealing from her father.

media_cameraJamie Jungers was the fourth Tiger Woods mistress to make a statement that she had had an affair with the golfer behind his wife’s back in 2009. Picture: File/NBC

After being turned in to the Las Vegas Police, who arrested her, she is currently being held in jail on charges of drug possession and being a fugitive.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, she had six prior charges of stealing and defrauding her father Douglas Jungers.

Jamie Jungers speaks out

The former Vegas lingerie model spent 13 days at the Butler County Jail in Kansas before posting bail on December 7, 2017.

When Chapman tracked her down, she blamed her 18-month fling with Woods for her ordeal in Vegas, telling the star: “All these dirty mothers***** wanted to f*** me just because I had f***** Tiger Woods, and before I knew it, all these people were coming into my life because of drugs.

media_cameraDuane ‘Dog’ Chapman from reality TV series ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ tracked down Tiger Woods’ ex Jamie Jungers to a Las Vegas sex den. Picture: Supplied

“I’m a f***ing junkie now — and I hate it.”

Jungers was paid £97,000 ($A170,000) for revealing their romps, after once claiming she “loved” the golfer.

But by 2014, she had reportedly become addicted to painkillers, pills and alcohol.

Tiger Woods is rumoured to have bedded 120 women while he was married and sought treatment for sex addiction.

media_cameraTiger Woods and wife, Elin Nordegren. Picture: AP

His string of affairs led to the end of his marriage to wife and mother of his children, Elin Nordegren.

In the video of her capture, Chapman shouts at the flushed and frail-looking Jungers: “What’s your f***ing name, b****?” as the former lingerie model walks out of the house.

media_cameraJamie Jungers says she loved Tiger Woods. Picture: Supplied/VanityFair
media_cameraTiger Woods’ ex Jamie Jungers found close to death in Vegas sex den. Picture: AFP

He claims the men keeping her in the house include a big-wig at a top US insurance firm.

Jungers co-operated with the bounty hunter and asked the camera crew not to film her.

This story first appeared in The Sun and is republished with permission.

Originally published as Woods’ ex found ‘near death’ in sex den

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