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Three baboons escape enclosure at Paris Zoo

Paris zoo was evacuated after three baboons escaped their enclosure and went for a wander.

The discovery of the escaped animals was made by one of the zoo’s “healers”, who spotted a baboon in one of the corridors.

Animal handlers then went back to the enclosure and counted the baboons, where they realised three were missing, two females, and a male.

The trio were spotted in another part of the zoo, by the ‘Big rock’, which, according to a map of the park, is close to where the Eurasian otters live.

Police officers were called in to help with the zoo evacuation
Police officers were called in to help with the zoo evacuation

The zoo in the French capital was evacuated and closed after the discovery, with the help of police, but a spokesman said the animals were “fine”.

A statement on the zoo’s website added: “[They] had moved in the envelope of the Big rock. At this time, they are still there, under the watchful eye of the animal staff that relays all night, waiting for their return to their peers.

“Because the animal team of the zoo relies on the group effect: baboons are animals with very strong gregarious instinct. It’s now a matter of hours before they join their group. The situation is therefore under control. And the animals are fine.

paris zoo map
The trio are understood to be in an unreachable part of the ‘Big rock’

“We wish our colleagues good luck for the night ahead.”

The animals did not come into contact with members of the public during their escapades, and are currently in a section not accessible to visitors.

Reports that all 50 of the baboons escaped their enclosure were denied by Paris zoo to the Independent.

The zoo will announce its reopening on social media as soon as the animals can be safely returned to their enclosure.

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