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Their Very Own Loving Story

“Over the many years I’ve known her, she’s been an inspiration and a source of strength for me through some really tough times, including helping me recover from a brain aneurysm a decade ago. So it was especially wonderful to have her officiate our wedding, a moment of total happiness and joy,” Ms. Knake said.

The couple were joined by three of their children, four family friends, as well as Dr. Marc Mallory, the governor’s husband. Nearly 150 other guests streamed the ceremony via Zoom. Originally, the wedding was going to take place inside the same residence on July 4, but coronavirus precautions pushed the occasion online for guests.

In proper wedding-planning fashion, a rehearsal was held the evening before. The outdoor lighting, Wi-Fi connection and video camera were all tested. The celebration was organized by Wedfuly, a virtual wedding company that partners with Zoom to host online celebrations.

As attendees entered the video conference, “America the Beautiful,” by Ray Charles, “A Sunday Kind of Love,” by Etta James, and a handful of other songs chosen by the bride and groom played in the background. A slide show of photos featuring the couple and their family hovered over the main screen. Grace Knake, Ms. Knake’s daughter, shared an Acknowledgment of Country, which pays respect to the traditional landowners. This was followed by James Knake, Ms. Knake’s son, reading the poem “Believer’s Hymn for the Republic.”

At about 4:30 p.m., the ceremony took place and was followed by an intermission, allowing guests to grab a drink for the toast. Seated in front of a laptop, Mr. Jefferson and Ms. Knake cut the cake and received seven toasts by friends and family. After, the couple popped into individual chat rooms to speak with guests by group. Ms. Knake described the event as far more moving and magical than expected. “It was probably the only time I ever enjoyed a Zoom call,” she said.

The reception dinner was held outdoors on the patio of the Carriage House at Iroquois Hotel. Their original plans for a larger reception were postponed to 2021, including a boat cruise party on Mackinac Island and a rooftop gathering for family and close friends in Austin. Additionally, honeymoon festivities have been pushed to “further notice.” The couple still plans to vacation in southern France once travel bans are lifted between Europe and American visitors.

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