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The power of colour to set the mood

If you have ever walked into a home and felt your mood change, the interior palette could be the reason. Colour can quickly transform a plain room into a striking space, but it can also alter the way we feel.

With a background in physiotherapy and colour therapy rehabilitation, Jonathan William Homes Project Manager and Interior Designer Jenna Athans said choosing the right colour combinations for your home was crucial for flow and cohesion.

“When working with my clients and building their new home, we always establish colours and styles that they are most drawn to, so we can build on that and keep consistency throughout the home,” she said.

“It starts with the exterior facade and the tones and textures selected for the driveway, the roof, the windows, the feature cladding and the feature walls.

“These colours must then flow into the home throughout each room.”

According to Ms Athans, like art, colour is a very personal choice and can elicit different reactions in different people.

However, she said there were some basic colour rules you could follow to ensure consistency in your home.

“Start by picking a colour for your biggest room – say your living room – choose a hue that feels beautiful, inspiring and true to what you love,” Ms Athans said.

“Build on this to create a limited palette of colours for your entire home and use different combinations of those colours in each room.”

There is often an assumption that rooms decorated in dark tones are gloomy and depressing, however Ms Athans said dark hues could add warmth and depth if implemented correctly.

“It depends on the intended purpose of a room,” she said.

“There is nothing wrong in creating a dark, cosy and moody space for an in-home theatre, as long as the furniture is well proportioned and the artificial lighting selections are appropriate.”

As a rule of thumb, Ms Athans endorsed neutral or warm tones for living spaces.

“For large living spaces with high ceilings and loads of natural light you have a bit more flexibility when it comes to options,” she said.

“I often recommend neutral or warm whites when it comes to paint colours for the walls. I would always suggest ensuring some warmth in the space, whether that be via timber tones in the flooring or, alternatively, in the furnishings.

“If the space is large enough, some custom cabinetry in a timber grain or a favourite hue will add some contrast and interest.”

On the flip side, Ms Athans warned to be careful of cool whites.

“If it is too bright and sparse, it may create less of a homely feel and more of a commercial feel, leaving the space feeling cold,” she said.

According to Ms Athans, homeowners should never be afraid to have fun and experiment with colour.

“Add a pop of colour in an unexpected location such as behind closed doors, a powder room or inside kitchen cabinetry,” she said.

“Remember the smaller details and introduce colour through cushions, vases, bowls or greenery.”

While colours have a profound effect on the way people feel, light and bright spaces are uplifting and have the ability to create a relaxed and positive feeling.

“Natural light will always be a mood lifter and the impact of natural sunlight on health and wellbeing is well documented,” Ms Athans said.

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