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The Outrageous Costs of Over-Scheduling Your Child

This piece is part of “The Price of Modern Parenting.” Read about the sandwich generation, caring for aging relatives and the costs of adoption.

We all know the clichés of the “helicopter parent”: They’re hands on, competitive and plotting their child’s path to the Ivy League. And while such pursuits are pervasive and divisive, perhaps above all, they’re expensive. According to a 2016 study, parents in the wealthiest tax brackets of the United States spent $9,000 on child care and enrichment activities for children under 6 in 2010 — up from $3,000 in the early 1970s (adjusted for inflation). To get a better handle on the real costs of hyper-parenting, we broke down the pricing for a child to participate in some common extracurricular activities in New York City.

[Are expensive activities for kids a rip-off?]

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