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The Dribble: SEG’s Richard Simkiss of Perth Wildcats’ ownership team and Perth Lynx GM Brent Dawkins

The West Australian’s basketball enthusiast Craig O’Donoghue hosts the revamped The Dribble podcast, joined by special guests to talk everything NBL, WNBL and overseas.

Sports Entertainment Group’s Richard Simkiss joins The Dribble to provide a Perth Wildcats ownership view on the COVID fixture dramas the team has experienced and reveals key plans for the club’s long term future.

PLUS Perth Lynx General Manager Brent Dawkins takes us inside the Sami Whitcomb deal and opens up about how the club recruited a star studded roster ahead of their opening game this weekend.


1:30 Richard Simkiss joins The Dribble to give a Perth Wildcats ownership update about COVID fixture changes.

4:30 Will the State Government regulations stop NBL teams from signing players on short term contracts as part of the league’s COVID-19 protocols?

6:00 Should more have been done to move teams to WA instead of risking games in the eastern states?

11:00 When will the ownership group get to attend a Wildcats game?

14:00 What happens to the Wildcats if other sections of Sports Entertainment Group struggle financially?

16:10 SEG recently bought New Zealand’s Otago Nuggets. Is SEG buying more sporting teams?

19:30 The plan to use Otago Nuggets to benefit the Wildcats.

22:00 THIS OR THAT: Which is better – Playing sport in hubs in front of small crowds or accepting interruptions caused by COVID and playing in front of home crowds?

24:00 Perth Lynx General Manager Brent Dawkins joins The Dribble to explain the Sami Whitcomb deal.

27:00 What has Whitcomb’s signing done to the salary cap?

28:45 How Dawkins’ experience as a recruiter at the Fremantle Dockers helped with signing the Lynx roster.

30:00 An inside look at how the Lynx recruited.

35:00 Is the expectation that this team challenges for the championship?

37:50 The big change that’s going to give the Lynx another home game in February.

40:40 THIS OR THAT? Dawkins gives his thoughts on COVID hubs versus COVID interruptions.

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