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The allure of concrete | The West Australian

Concrete and luxury may not traditionally go hand-in-hand, but some Perth builders are changing that perception by using the versatile material as a stylish home feature.

According to Weststyle Lead Architect Mary Ong, homeowners were largely opting for concrete flooring with a light polish, popular for its raw and natural grey hues, while others interested in a more striking look were choosing black mixtures with added oxides and texture.

Ms Ong said concrete was also a popular material to use in the making of custom formed basins, typically serving as statement pieces in powder rooms, or for kitchen benchtops.

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She said while feature walls were not common at the moment, Weststyle was also using concrete in landscape elements, planters, entry steps and had incorporated exposed concrete construction elements in its recent City Beach project.

“When we look at our portfolio of work, the majority of our current projects we are designing and building have concrete floors,” Ms Ong said.

“Concrete has the ability to behave as a raw, natural, blank canvas from which to grow a variety of styles.

“This allows the clients to imprint their own personality.

“A typical client brief would include a unique design with practical and easy to maintain materials.

“This is where concrete fits perfectly as a low-maintenance, versatile material.”

Ms Ong said concrete was also a cost-effective and readily available option, with low embodied energy and minimal wastage, particularly appealing for clients who prioritise sustainability.

Concrete is an affordable flooring option, appealing to both the budget-conscious and premium market.
Camera IconConcrete is an affordable flooring option, appealing to both the budget-conscious and premium market. Credit: JOEL BARBITTA/Supplied.

The building material was also said to be accessible to both the budget-conscious and premium end of the market and was a particularly affordable flooring option.

Meanwhile, residents with more relaxed budgets were able to value-add to their homes with concrete by commissioning the design of custom-formed elements working to create a sense of opulence in the house.

Agreeing with Ms Ong, Weststyle Interior Designer Courtney Doyle described concrete as a canvas which allowed clients and designers to create a distinctive, personal style for the home.

She said there were endless opportunities to layer luxury into the interior design and produce a modern, stylish home.

“You can expose aggregate and finish with a high gloss polish and create a terrazzo look, a finish with a different personality and flair which can be the base of a different client’s sense of luxury,” Ms Doyle said.

“The core benefit of concrete from an interior designer’s perspective is versatility.”

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