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Test well delivers for Calima in Canada

An entire new play has opened up for Calima Energy after the success of a stratigraphic test well yielded the presence of its target Sunburst formation in a relatively underexplored region of its core Brooks project area in Alberta, Canada.

The success of the Gemini 5 well may drive up to six follow up horizontal wells to effectively drain the Sunburst formation.

Calima said the Gemini 5 stratigraphic well was designed to prove the presence of the Sunburst formation where there had been minimal previous exploration. It also further extended Calima’s geological model and prospective Brooks project acreage.

A stratigraphic well is a test hole drilled to gather specific geological information usually without any expectation of commercial success or the intention of being completed for production. However, Calima may well turn Gemini 5 into a money-maker.

The company said open hole well logging of Gemini 5 showed a Sunburst interval with reservoir properties sufficient for potential production from this deviated vertical well. It also provided key geological information and may lead to previously un-booked Sunburst horizontal locations.

Potential production rates from this vertical well are unknown, but it is unlikely to require fracture stimulation to produce oil.

The porous Sunburst zone will be perforated and Calima said inflow is expected immediately. According to the company it will take a number of weeks of production testing to accurately determine inflow rates and water production levels.

If sufficient oil and gas rates are achieved, Gemini 5 will then be shut in whilst the company awaits production equipment and pipeline tie in to Calima’s main oil handling facility, Bantry Oil Processing Plant 2-29, that is 2.5 kilometres away.

If successful, the company said the Gemini 5 discovery could drive a follow up horizontal drilling campaign of up to six wells to effectively drain the Sunburst reservoir.

Whilst noting further geoscience work is required, Calima said Gemini 5 also confirmed the presence of a secondary zone of interest – the Mannville Formation – that produced a million cubic feet per day of gas, or “mmcf/d” from a nearby well.

This is an exciting new discovery for Calima at Brooks. Gemini 5 has proven the presence of the Sunburst interval in a core area that is relatively underexplored. Our 3D seismic interpretation provided us this lead, and the open hole logs have proven the geophysical mapping. We look forward to Gemini 5’s production test in due course.

Calima have just started the year with some very impressive stratigraphic well results. Importantly, Gemini 5 has delivered a rare quinella by not only confirming the presence of two highly prospective formations just kilometres from home but also showing it may actually pay for itself as a producing vertical well. Calima’s already exciting Brooks project area in Alberta might just have added a bit more sparkle. One would take a well result like that any day.

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