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Temporary fix for Shire of Denmark’s Ocean Beach sea wall until a permanent solution can be found

The Shire of Denmark is set to start temporary repair works on the Ocean Beach sea wall that was severely damaged in last winter’s storms.

The Shire is planning to reinforce the existing timber wall with large rocks until a more permanent solution to the erosion problem can be found.

Last winter’s storms and strong swells damaged the lookout, stairs, footpath and foundation around Denmark Surf Life Saving Club headquarters.

An area was fenced off to the public and equipment evacuated from the surf club building.

The month-long project is expected to disrupt access to the popular swimming and surfing spot due to the operation of heavy machinery in the area.

Shire deputy chief executive David King said there might be full or partial beach closures to maintain the safety of the public and to reduce the likelihood of extended delays.

“As many in our community will have seen, it’s a sensitive site and we’d like to get the work done as safely and as quickly as possible to reinforce the site before winter arrives,” he said.

“We expect there to be the need to completely close access to the beach at times during the project so machinery can access the beach.

“We’ll do our best to share regular updates on when there will be full closures at Ocean Beach and we’re asking the community to respect those closures so the team can get the work done safely and quickly.”

In May last year, the council adopted its Ocean to Channel Concept Plan, which includes plans for the construction of a new surf club base further back from the water.

Under the plan, the existing buildings would be demolished to make way for a new facility to be built out of the active erosion zone.

Mr King said the Shire did not want to close off access to the popular surf spot but that it was necessary to complete the repairs.

“We’ll do our best to allow access to the water wherever and whenever it is safe to do so,” he said.

“If there are no delays, we hope to have the work completed by the end of May.”

The project is scheduled to start on April 26.

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