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Tehan busy nailing UK trade agreement

Trade Minister Dan Tehan has set himself 10 days to finalise a a free trade agreement with the UK so it can be signed off when Prime Minister Scott Morrison travels there as a guest of the G7 summit.

Mr Tehan told the ABC’s Insiders program there is still a lot of fine detail to be worked through in what he described as very complex discussions.

“I was in lengthy discussions with (UK trade minister) Liz Truss on Friday night. I will be speaking to her again on Tuesday night and speaking, I’m sure, regularly this coming week,” he said.

There has been some push back from the UK over letting more Australian beef and lamb into the country, and there has also been discussion around greater mobility for people moving between the two countries.

There are also talks on investment and services to be able to reach an agreement that is a win-win for both countries, Mr Tehan said.

“Those discussions continue,” he said.

“I think it is 15 days until our PM is over in the UK, so it will be a very busy week or 10 days for me coming up.”

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