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Teen who fought brain disorder paralysed again in car crash

A teenage girl who battled to walk again after a rare brain disorder has been paralysed again — after a car crash on her last day of physio.

Soccer-playing Jade Almond, 16, was left with the strength of “a newborn baby” after a horror crash on a Manchester highway, reports The Sun.

Jade fought bravely to overcome Functional Neurological Disorder after hitting her head falling off a chair in 2018.

She managed to walk again after seven months of crowdfunded physio to the tune of $A30,000.

media_cameraJade Almond was able to walk again after seven months of crowdfunded physio to the tune of $A30,000. Picture: Facebook

But on her last day of physio, Jade, along with mum Michelle Almond, sister Josie and two friends, were hit by another car.

Her family claims the other driver was reaching over to pick up popcorn at the time of the crash.

Jade, from Manchester, said: “It’s heartbreaking being in this position and knowing all that hard work has been undone.

media_cameraBritish teen Jade Almond has suffered a series of health setbacks. Picture: Facebook

“I was pretty much back to normal — able to run, dance and play football again — I was 80 per cent there and only had a bit of a tremor in my leg.

“After the car crash it’s worse than it’s ever been as now its affecting my whole body.

“My sitting balance has completely gone — my core and my neck are really weak — and I can’t sit straight.

media_cameraJade Almond says she was left with the “strength of a baby” after a horror car crash. Picture: Facebook
media_cameraJade Almond has a new fight on her hands. Picture: Facebook

“It seems like I’ve lost all my strength, it’s like I’ve only got the strength of a baby.

“Even when I’m lying down I have to have pillows under me or I fall to that right side.

“It’s so frustrating not being able to move, all I want to do is get up and back to where I was or at least move instead of just lying in a bed all day.”

Mum Michelle, 41, added: “The woman behind me was apparently picking up popcorn off the floor and careered into the back of us at what felt like 60km.

media_cameraJade Almond was a keen soccer player. Picture: Facebook

“Jade was in the back and had direct impact, it was awful.

“It’s heartbreaking seeing what she’s going through now after everything.

“It was devastating seeing her go from a perfectly healthy girl and then go through what she did.

“Her life was on hold for those seven months as she couldn’t go to college or do the things she loved such as football, acting and dancing.

“Seeing her be able to run up stairs for the first time since it happened, go for a jog and dance again last month was absolutely amazing — it was the best feeling.

“For this to happen is heartbreaking but Jade has been so positive about it as she’s seen she can improve.”

This story was originally published in The Sun and is reprinted with permission.

Originally published as Teen paralysed again after crash

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