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Technology paving the way to greener pastures

Integrating technology into your home can create a greener build and an eco-friendly environment to live in.

From materials used in the home’s design to car charging ports in the garage, sustainable home technology comes in all innovative shapes and sizes.

Webb & Brown-Neaves Innovation and New Product Designer Joseph Calasara said technological advances were making a major impact on sustainable living.

“As technology evolves, innovative building materials and methodology are ever-increasing,” he said.

“This presents a significant opportunity to create sustainable building solutions that consider impact on natural resources and decreased environmental risks.”

Mr Calasara said homebuilders were actively looking for ways to build sustainable homes and incorporate energy-efficient features.

“It’s certainly becoming a higher consideration for many,” he said.

“Clients are becoming increasingly aware and informed of the environmental issues and how they want to live.

“As more developers encourage environmental design policies, sustainable inclusions will become more common in the future.”

According to Mr Calasara, building materials that have huge considerations towards their environmental impact, with a safer and longer lifespan, are becoming readily available.

“This includes low volatile organic compound paint technologies, smart glazing that minimises heat gains, energy-efficient lighting, air-conditioning and appliances, water-efficient tapwares and recycled, engineered and sustainable timbers, just to name a few,” he said.

“If you like gardening, smart reticulation and water-wise irrigations are also great options.

“Solar panels, solar heating and power storage are increasing in popularity nowadays, and many of these technologies use live monitoring to assist in determining energy and control use.”

Mr Calasara said with the increase in market share of electric vehicles, new homes would start to see a rise in chargers installed, while smart home systems would be in high demand.

“Using renewable energy and other sources of green power for your vehicle helps reduce your carbon footprint and pollution,” he said.

“Smart home control systems also assist by providing solutions to reduce energy and manage waste production.

“They can include a mobile app – which you can control and program from your smartphone – to reduce your energy usage and keep the cost of your bills down.”

For those looking to create a sustainable home, Mr Calasara said to consider incorporating high-performance and innovative building materials, as well as low-maintenance technologies.

“Spend the time to check the energy ratings of products and appliances, and look to invest in smart control systems depending on your common needs,” he said.

Mr Calasara said Webb & Brown-Neaves always considered sustainability features when building new homes and integrated a range of sustainable technology both on the exterior and interior of a build.

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