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Taking steps in the right direction for staircase safety

Whether they are used to create a grand entrance into a home or designed to cleverly connect living areas, staircases should not only look good, they should always have a focus on safety.

Atrium Homes Sales and Marketing Director Daniel Marcolina said a jaw-dropping staircase could be a feature of any home when it was set in a prominent location and a creative shape with different materials and colours had been applied to its design.

However, to ensure its functionality, Mr Marcolina offered some tried-and-true methods for a safe and useable staircase.

“Incorporate a landing, so that if there is a mishap, the fall is not as long as it would be on a staircase with no landings or no change in direction,” he said.

“Consider installing a handrail with rounded edges to avoid any accidents and a softer, non-slippery floor covering on the staircase.

“Along with installing a softer, non-slippery floor coverings on the staircase in case an accident does occur.

“Increase the depth and width of the treads, as they can provide comfort and more confidence with children in the early stages of walking.”

Mr Marcolina said a staircase that catered to a wide variety of ages could add a considerable amount of value to a home.

“A modern, child-friendly staircase results in it being easier to traverse on so, in theory, it’s beneficial for all ages,” he said.

“A contemporary staircase can create another focal point or feature to any home and, given it’s ease of use, it would only make sense that it would add value to a home.”

For new homebuilders looking at installing a staircase, Mr Marcolina offered some final tips for creating a secure yet stylish set of stairs.

“Consider the positioning of safety barriers to prevent access to the staircase,” he said.

“When deciding on what floor covering to install on the staircase, avoid using a material that can be slippery when wet.

“Using a different coloured material on the first step can make it stand out, which helps to avoid any incidents, especially if the first step is larger than the staircase itself.”

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