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Sydney triple murderers jailed for life

Two Sydney underworld executioners whose murder of gang rivals satisfied little more than one’s “desire to kill” have been jailed for life.

Former traffic control businessman Abuzar Sultani and housemate Siar Munshizada inflicted a reign of terror in 2016 after splitting from the Rebels bikie gang chapter they’d formed in Sydney’s Burwood.

Over eight months, they ambushed Penrith Rebels enforcer Michael Davey, drug dealer Mehmet Yilmaz and mafioso Pasquale Barbaro – firing upon their targets themselves or directing others to do so.

The first two fatal shootings were motivated by commercial criminal gain but the personal hatred fuelled the third.

Sultani, now 32, suspected his mentor Joe Antoun’s front-door execution murder in 2013 was somehow influenced by the 35-year-old Barbaro, Justice Des Fagan said.

“In addition, it is clear that Sultani acted in the pursuit of a personal satisfaction that he derived from killing,” the NSW Supreme Court judge said on Friday.

“Shooting the defenceless and unsuspecting Mr Davey at close range would have been confronting and shocking to most people, an experience never to be repeated if avoidable.

“But Sultani willingly carried out the two further executions in the same year, with at least equally meticulous planning and equally callous indifference.”

The then-commerce student wasn’t under any duress or fear and there was nothing to suggest he found the expected financial gain “an irresistible temptation”.

“Sultani sought little more than to gratify a desire to kill,” Justice Fagan said.

The September 2016 murder of Mr Yilmaz was particularly callous, the judge said.

CCCTV showed a man “as little more than a boy” waiting at the driver’s side door of his fiancee’s car, as she found keys to let him in.

At Sultani’s call, Munshizada drove his car at speed up to Mr Yilmaz before shots were fired into the drug dealer.

Chased around the back of the car by the hooded Sultani, Mr Yilmaz collapsed before further shots were fired into his head and body.

The judge placed no weight in the suggestion Munshizada, now 33, was a “foot soldier” or under Sultani’s spell, finding the housemates were mutually dependent in the carrying out of each murder.

“Having had the experience on 30 March 2016 of taking the life of a stranger (Mr Davey) in a merciless, cowardly ambush, Munshizada would not have set out to do the same again to another defenceless victim unless he found satisfaction in the act,” Justice Fagan said.

“His boasting about the Davey murder … illustrates the pride that Munshizada took in killing. He recounted the event to his friends laughingly.”

Neither offender had shown remorse, with Justice Fagan dubbing Sultani “a serial killer who is yet to exhibit bona fide empathy for his victims or to recover moral direction.

The life sentences, that carry no non-parole period, came a day after the lifting of suppressions banning reporting of Sultani’s guilty pleas, Munshizada’s three guilty verdicts at trial and the facts of the case.

Those orders had been in place to protect the integrity of the seven trials and retrials related to the murders.

Two others involved in the Barbaro execution were also handed lengthy jail terms.

Joshua Donald Baines, 29, was jailed for 36 years, with his minimum term ending in 2045. He was found guilty at trial of firing the first fatal shots into Mr Barbaro.

Munshizada’s 28-year-old cousin, Mirwais Danishyar, was jailed for 15 years but could be paroled in 2027 due to time served. He was found guilty of being an accessory to Mr Barbaro’s murder.

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