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Surgeon jailed for raping karaoke hostess

A cosmetic surgeon has been jailed for raping a karaoke bar hostess after a judge rejected his claims she had been trying to blackmail him.

Ahnsup Kim, 52, raped the barely conscious woman in a private room at the central Melbourne bar in September 2017.

He had selected the 26-year-old from a group of hostesses. She had to be carried home after Kim left.

Kim claimed the woman had been play-acting in a bid to blackmail him.

“This was complete and utter nonsense – a creation by you to try to besmirch her reputation before the jury,” Judge Michael Tinney said on Friday.

Kim’s claim the woman consented was absurd and he showed no remorse, the judge noted.

“This conduct was despicable. You should be ashamed of yourself. Regrettably, you are not,” Judge Tinney said.

The woman was highly vulnerable and couldn’t protect herself, the court was told. Even if affected by alcohol, Kim would have known she wasn’t consenting.

“It was as clear as day that she was significantly impaired,” Judge Tinney said.

The County Court judge jailed Kim for seven-and-a-half years after a jury found him guilty of six counts of sexual assault and one count of rape.

He must serve at least five years before being eligible for parole.

Kim’s registration to work as a cosmetic surgeon was cancelled in 2018. Judge Tinney said that was a massive fall from grace, but rightly so.

“It is entirely understandable you should not have been able to work as a doctor and surely that is a right that will never be restored,” he said.

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