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Storm selfie: Mother with pram stroller takes photos next to 15ft waves

THIS is the moment a mother with a pram stopped to take selfies as 4.5m-high waves crashed over a seawall nearby during Storm Bronagh in the UK.

The reckless mum was caught on camera during the height of the storm in Newhaven, East Sussex as winds up to 64km/h were recorded.

The woman, who was out for a morning run on September 21, was seen stopping with the pram facing the huge waves while she snapped a few selfies, the New York Post reported.

It’s not known if there was a child in the stroller at the time.

A “danger to life” warning was issued in parts of the UK last week as Storm Bronagh wreaked havoc across the country.

The anonymous photographer, said: “The lady was running along the edge of the sea as she pushed the baby carriage along with her and stopped and pulled her phone out. She took a few selfies in a few different positions while the carriage was left sitting there.”

media_cameraThe woman taking pictures with the pram in Newhaven, East Sussex where waves were crashing against the sea wall during Storm Bronagh. Picture: SWNS/Mega
media_cameraShe stopped to take selfies as waves crashed over a sea wall. Picture: SWNS/Mega

“It is impossible to tell for sure if there really was a baby in there at the time but you can assume there was if she was running with it.”

“The wind at the time was blowing strongly and the waves were crashing against the sea wall and flying up about 15 feet above her head. Luckily the wind was blowing towards the sea so there wasn’t a huge amount of danger but the point is that it was in the middle of a storm and weather can change really quickly.”

media_cameraThe mum was caught on camera during the height of the storm. Picture: SWNS/Mega

“When she had finished taking selfies after about five minutes, she grabbed the pram and carried on pushing it as she ran.”

The Met Office had last week issued a “danger to life” warning in some areas across England and Wales as storms battered areas of the country.

At its worst, Bronagh poured heavy rain and showers as it spread across the country, with 125km/h gusts recorded in The Needles on the Isle of Wight.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post and has been published here with permission.

Originally published as Mum’s shocking selfie-taking moment

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