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Stacey Atkinson spared jail after accidentally smothering baby

A DRUNK mum who accidentally smothered her baby to death by rolling over has walked free from court.

British woman Stacey Atkinson, 30, passed out with her baby daughter Chloe on her chest while she was sitting on the lounge at her Liverpool home in November 2016.

A blood sample revealed Ms Atkinson was approximately two and a half times the drink driving limit at 3am. Chloe was pronounced dead at 7.15am despite the efforts of paramedics.

Ms Atkinson found Chloe lifeless when she woke up after three hours, and desperately fought to resuscitate her while paramedics were called.

Ms Atkinson wept and trembled at Liverpool Crown Court as harrowing details of her daughter’s death were read out.

media_cameraChloe was killed after her mother fell asleep and accidentally suffocated her. Picture: Facebook/Stacey Atkinson
media_cameraStacey wept as the case was read out in court. Picture: Facebook/Stacey Atkinson

She told the court she became “hysterical” when she found her daughter’s lifeless body, and shouted to Chloe’s father, who was asleep upstairs, as they attempted to revive her.

Slapping her with a 12-month suspended sentence, the judge said she had “learned from her bitter experience”.

She had previously pleaded guilty to wilfully neglecting Chloe by causing unnecessary suffering and injury to health.

Defence lawyer Linda Tipping said: “She will carry the guilt for the rest of her life that Chloe trusted her and she let her down.

“She will serve her own life sentence whatever the court does today. Her grief is palpable in communications I have had with her,” Ms Tipping added.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said it was ‘a tragic case’ but Ms Atkinson’s drunkenness was a disappointing factor.

“Whatever sentence I impose today, you have already suffered the terrible punishment of the reality of what you did,” Judge Menary said.

“At the time you had two older children — since these tragic events you and your partner have been blessed with a new daughter.

“The authorities have investigated this matter and are perfectly satisfied you and your partner in all other respects are loving, caring and perfectly capable parents.

“They have no concerns about the welfare of the children or your ability to provide love, care, support and nurturing for them as you no doubt you would have loved to have done for Chloe.”

Judge Menary sentenced her to 12 months in jail, suspended for 12 months, with a year’s supervision and a 20-day rehabilitation course.

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