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Springs officials urge vigilance with cold climate, warming fires – The Denver Post

With cold temperatures approaching toward the end of the week, Colorado Springs residents may notice more recreational fires burning outside around town. Local officials expect the increase to be the result of the homeless looking to stay warm through the cold snap.

Officials are asking for the public’s vigilance: If a recreational fire, which is legal under the proper conditions, is under control, don’t panic. But the Colorado Springs Fire Department wants people to be aware such fires may become hazardous if they get out of control, become too big or are started on private land.

Recreational fires are allowed within Colorado Springs city limits if they meet the following criteria:

• The fire must be within a rock ring or a prefabricated fire ring.

• The fire cannot exceed 36 inches in diameter.

• Flame heights cannot exceed 2 feet.

• Water, sand or dirt must be near the fire in case it needs to be extinguished promptly.

• The fire must be attended to at all times.

• The fire must be 25 feet from anything that could catch on fire.

• Clean fuel such as wood or charcoal is required. No burning of debris or trash is allowed.

If members of the fire department are called out and the fire is not within the guidelines, the fire will be put out. City spokesman Howard Black was not available for comment on any legal action that would be taken.

Fire Department spokesman Brian Vaughan said the code has been in place for the past six years.

“Our city in 2011 adopted the 2009 national fire code … so people can have fun outside burning,” Vaughan said. “They have the right under that code to start that fire. … If it’s outside those parameters we’ll put the fire out and educate them.”

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