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Spring into action | The West Australian

Spring is nearly upon us, which means a return to warmer weather is just around the corner, as are days filled with sunshine and lazy afternoons enjoying your yard or outdoor area.

For pool owners, it also means now is the time to get ready for the season ahead.

According to Add A Splash Pools Director Tania Spencer, doing the work now will ensure your pool is nice and prepared for that first hot day of the new season.

“2019 saw the hottest September on record, so swimming and outdoor entertaining might be on the menu sooner than you think,” she said.

If you have been following a regular maintenance program throughout winter, the process to get your pool ready should be straightforward and low in cost. Ms Spencer outlined a handy checklist for preparing your outdoor area for spring.

First, remove the pool cover and clean it thoroughly, leaving it to dry in the sun.

Clean your filter, whether it is cartridge or media, and check for signs of damage.

Check your pool pump, skimmer basket and pool lights. By powering your lights on for 30 minutes every few weeks, you can prevent moisture build-up.

Clean your pool’s surface. Soft sponges or microfibre brushes are great for waterline marks, or invest in a scale remover. Robotic cleaners are a fabulous investment which will save you lots of time cleaning the pool floors and walls.

Test your pool water by taking a sample to your local pool shop, and purchase the recommended chemicals to balance your pool.

Continue to check your pool water balance every two weeks.

Adjust your pool’s sanitation system and pump running times to maintain the recommended levels for the season.

Remember to always remove your pool blanket for at least one day a week to allow your pool to ’breathe’ and protect the surface from irreversible chlorine damage.

Finally, clean your entire outdoor entertaining area, removing the cobwebs from furniture and cleaning surfaces with a high-pressure hose.

“Fertilise any plants around the pool and entertaining area – giving them a good spring feed will ensure your outdoor area looks lush and is ready for entertaining,” Ms Spencer said.

In the cold of winter, it can be easy for pool maintenance to fall by the wayside, but it may result in greater costs come swimming season, Ms Spencer said.

“A pool is an asset for your home and needs to be maintained to retain its value. Poorly maintaining your pool will eventually lead to the pool surface degrading, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair,” she said.

“Incorrect acid and chlorine levels for extended periods are guaranteed to damage the surface of the pool, causing it to fade, become porous or even flake, depending on your pool type.”

If your pool does happen to look an unhealthy shade of green, Ms Spencer advised to contact your local pool shop and get a quote on a recovery.

For anyone considering renovating their pool before the warmer months, she also recommended getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later to avoid the inevitable summer rush.

CONTACT Add A Splash Pools, 9452 2422, www.addasplashpools.com.au

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