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Spelling Bee Tips and Tricks

Kris Nielsen-Morris, of Agoura Hills, Calif., suggests keeping a list in your mind of letter combinations that make long words, like C-O-N, which makes COCOON, and P-E-T, which makes TEEPEE and TEPEE.

Even though the letter S is never included — the editor Sam Ezersky said that using an S would make the puzzle way too easy — plurals do exist in Spelling Bee.

“Be on the lookout for words such as TEETH, CELLI, ABACI (the plural of ‘abacus’), WOMEN, FEET, CURRICULA, PHENOMENA and INDICIA, among others. They can be easily overlooked,” said Monica Tarantino of Walton, N.Y., who goes by the screen name “Monicat” in the New York Times Spelling Bee forum. (Learn more about the forum in the resource section below).

How you start the game depends largely on your own skill set, and no one way seems to be better than another.

You can knock out a lot of four-letter words, worth one point, first — those points add up — and then move on to more challenging ones.

Sometimes, however, pangrams (words that use all seven of the hive letters at least once) pop right out at you, and you can open with a seven-point victory. “Finding the pangram first is like opening a present that has lots of little packages inside,” said Susan Rakov of Santa Barbara, Calif., because there may be words inside it that will also be counted.

Sometimes you may spot smaller words that don’t include the center letter but might be part of an accepted compound.

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