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South West couple win Lotto jackpot on wedding day after buying ticket in Dunsborough

A South West couple has received the ultimate wedding gift, claiming Dunsborough’s $1.1 million Lotto jackpot.

The groom-to-be made a chance visit to Seachange News while his bride was getting her hair done on the morning of their wedding and bought a Lotto ticket.

The couple discovered they had scored $1.104m the day after they tied the knot.

“I had to go to Coles but it wasn’t quite open yet so popped into the newsagency first and bought a ticket as I was feeling lucky because it was my wedding day,” he said.

“We checked the ticket the day after the wedding and just couldn’t believe it.

“It was meant to be.”

The couple have been together for more than 20 years and had not planned to honeymoon. However, they plan to use their newfound riches to pay off their mortgage and travel.

On Monday, Lotterywest put the call out for people who had been holidaying in the South West to check their tickets with the win going unclaimed over the weekend.

The South West appears to be a lucky spot for Lotto winnings and this is the second division one prize from the South West in two weeks.

The search is also on for a person who has yet to claim $100,000 after winning the division one prize in the Super66 game, after buying their ticket from Clark’s Newsagency in Albany.

Last month, an Edgewater couple struck it lucky, taking home $1.6m in Lotto prize money.

The couple revealed revealed the first thing they bought was an air fryer.

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