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South West cops recognised for brave actions

In a single day, police officers can deal with more than many would in their entire life and it mostly goes unrecognised as “part of the job”.

That is why the South West’s top cop says it is important to acknowledge when police go above and beyond in the line of duty as often as possible.

South West traffic officers Sen. Const. Steve Braam and Sen. Const. Melissa Page were the first to the scene of a horrific motorcycle crash on Forrest Highway near Eaton on May 3.

The result of the crash was fatal, but both officers did everything they could providing emergency first aid until paramedics arrived.

Sen. Const. Braam and Sen. Const. Page were last week acknowledged for their brave actions by both WA Police and St John Ambulance.

Both received a Certificate of Appreciation from St John Ambulance and a Certificate of Outstanding Performance from WA Police.

South West District Supt Mick Sutherland said the officers’ quick and brave actions were worthy of recognition.

“These officers were worthy of recognition due to the extended period of time conducting first aid whilst attempting to take control of a major crash scene under challenging circumstances,” Supt Sutherland said.

St John Ambulance country ambulance senior operations manager Wil White said the partnership between police and paramedics was “absolutely” important and it was vital that first responders were recognised.

“Ultimately we work alongside the police as an emergency service regularly and the officers that attended really assisted in providing emergency care and support to the patient,” Mr White said.

“We like to recognise everyone that’s involved with some of these incidents and this is just a small show of appreciation on behalf of our organisation to the officers involved.

“All of our staff across St John Ambulance are trained in emergency life saving techniques and it’s important that the police who also are highly trained, were able to provide that support.”

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