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Simplicity and Scandi go hand in hand

With its clean-cut aesthetic and sharp, functional features, Scandinavian interior design is often the scheme of choice for buyers on the hunt for an uncluttered home with light and open spaces.

Conceived in the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the pristine and contemporary theme is unpretentious and uncomplicated, with its mix of natural materials and simple, pared-back craftsmanship.

Throughout the home, neutral colours are king, with lily white often the prevailing colour complemented by strategically placed pastels to match.

Webb & Brown-Neaves Design Innovation Lead Joseph Calasara said a well-designed Scandinavian home would exude visual warmth, from its humble style to its careful capture of sunlight.

“Bright white walls, minimal window treatments and clean lines keep this design sleek,” he said. “Grey features with black and white wall photos will help to create the scene.

“Splashes of pale pink or icey blues will also suit the style.

“Aim for simplicity – less is more in a Scandinavian-style home.”

Buyers wanting their home to ooze Scandinavia will also want to do away with wall-to-wall carpet in their main living areas and instead opt for light-toned wooden flooring.

Warm woods like teak, oak and treated pine are also a common interior surface in Scandinavian-themed homes, with the material used in cabinetry, furniture and on walls and ceilings.

The homes are also typically heavy with eco-friendly materials, with Mr Calasara emphasising the internal scheme should have a strong relationship with the outdoors.

“Allow as much natural light into your Scandi home as possible,” he said. “You will also want to make sure to feature some indoor and outdoor greenery.”

Though this interior scheme is by nature unembellished and restrained, Mr Calasara said Webb & Brown-Neaves recommended a diverse display of textures in the home.

He said layers of leather, fur and natural textiles such as wool and linens would do the trick, while making sure no two textures clashed.

While not terribly relevant in Western Australia’s climate, strict Scandinavian houses will likely feature a fireplace to help homeowners brave snow in the European pocket’s winter season.

Seamlessly integrated into the space, the fireplace is one of many accessories that give Scandinavian homes their warm charm and are often a focal point in living spaces, designed to have limited design distractions.

Mr Calasara said at its core, Scandinavian homes were bright, contemporary and simple – perfect for people who appreciated an unencumbered home with a natural look and a comfortable feel.

“If you’re looking for a home design that evokes happiness, you’ll find it with the natural materials, neutral colours and clean lines typical of this style,” he said.

“Make a play on your home with geometry, look to combine soft and sharp textures together.”

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