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Seth Meyers Is Excited to See Trump’s Tax Returns

“That’s right, the Manhattan district attorney’s office confirmed that it’s in possession of Trump’s tax records, as evidenced by the white smoke coming from the Statue of Liberty’s torch,” Seth Meyers joked on Thursday.

“Even in death, they found a way to cancel Don Rickles.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Why are we still putting eyes and lips on potatoes anyway? Isn’t this what children did during the Depression?” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“And by the way, Hasbro isn’t the only one dumping the ‘mister.’ From now on these popular American products will be known as ‘Salty, ‘Peanut,’ ‘Rogers,’ ‘T’ and ‘Clean.’ No word yet from ‘Magoo,’ but we’ll see.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

James Corden took Prince Harry on a socially distanced tour of Los Angeles on Thursday’s “Late Late Show.”

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