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Second-storey extension in a day

Factory-built second-storey additions are proving a fast and efficient way of adding extra space to an existing home, according to the renovation experts at Dale Alcock Home Improvement.

Effectively a ‘second storey in a day’, this new way of extending a home delivers a multitude of benefits if you want more room without having to move, according to Dale Alcock Home Improvement General Manager Josh Crowe.

“The second storey is built offsite and installed in a matter of hours, giving you a whole lot of new space with minimum fuss,” he said.

“There are no major design limitations using this type of construction, so even though it’s a modular way of building, you’re still designing something bespoke that suits you and your family.

“The result is seamless, so it’s impossible to tell what’s new and what is original. A house can look like a new build, or the new addition can be designed to blend with the home’s existing style and character.

“It’s a fast, affordable and hassle-free home improvement option that is understandably generating lots of interest.”

The offsite construction method suits the vast majority of single-storey homes in Perth as there are just two main requirements: It needs to be a brick-built home that offers safe access so that the new second storey can be craned into place.

“The extension is tailored to your home, but it’s constructed in a purpose-built, quality-controlled, all-weather factory,” Mr Crowe said. “The construction method combines the advanced thermal properties of EPS insulation with the enduring quality of engineered steel.”

Once completed, the new second storey is transported to site by truck and, within a matter of hours, is craned into place and secured. Services are then connected, the staircase installed and the finishing touches added in the weeks that follow.

“You get full design flexibility, but timeframes are dramatically reduced and onsite disruption is minimised,” Mr Crowe said.

Five days before the new second storey arrives, an area of roof is dismantled, ready for the addition to be dropped into place. Disruption to the ground floor of the home is minimal and usually relates only to the area around what will become the stair void.

The staircase void is cut out once the new second storey has been craned into position and the hole is then temporarily sealed until the stairs are ready to be installed, which is typically five to 10 days later.

Mr Crowe said a second storey built offsite provided space for a wide variety of uses, including bedrooms, bathrooms, games rooms and extra living space.

“It’s ideal for all sorts of designs, including the most popular of home extension projects, which is adding a whole new master suite with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, and perhaps an additional sitting room or parents’ retreat,” he said.

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