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Sausage expert weighs in at sagra

If there is one thing Pete Gianfrancesco knows, it’s good sausage.

He has worked as a butcher for 30 years and made countless batches of Italian sausage, or salsiccia, in that time.

Mr Gianfrancesco is also this year’s show ambassador and was one of the judges at last year’s inaugural event alongside this year’s returning judges Harvey Italian Club president Tony Pinzone and celebrity butcher Vince Garreffa.

He said the higher scoring sausages would have the perfect blend of texture and taste.

“When judging a sausage you want to be able to taste every element,” Mr Gianfrancesco said.

According to the award-winning butcher, these key ingredients are simple, but getting the balance right is the secret.

“You need good quality meat, then it’s just the right balance of salt, pepper, chilli, wine, paprika and aniseed,” he said.

“Then it is up to people’s individual tastes for how to make that balance.”

He said this year’s judges would be scoring entrants on texture, appearance and flavour.

“Some might not have a great appearance, but they could win extra points in the taste department if they have extra flavour.”

Mr Gianfrancesco will be doing sausage-making demonstrations at the Sagra and handing out samples of his produce from his Treendale shop, Pete’s Chop Shop.

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