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SA fatal crash drivers face immediate ban

People charged with causing death by dangerous driving will lose their driver’s licence on the spot under new laws introduced to the South Australian parliament.

Motorists reasonably suspected by police of having committed the offence will also face an immediate ban.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the move would better protect road users from the dangers posed by people who kill others by driving recklessly.

“These laws will ensure motorists charged with causing death by dangerous driving are prevented from getting behind the wheel,” she said.

Under the changes, the suspension would remain in place until the charges have been resolved.

If convicted, offenders then face a minimum 10-year ban from driving.

Ms Chapman said courts would have the discretion to lift the licence suspension under limited circumstances.

“Someone accused of this offence would have the opportunity to appeal to the courts to have this disqualification or suspension lifted,” she said.

“But, given the seriousness of these offences, community safety remains paramount and a court will only be allowed to lift the suspension or disqualification in exceptional circumstances.”

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